Providing a variety of your hair care needs. Experienced in ALL hair textures. Hair care is always priority when it comes to servicing my clients. The integrity of the hair will never be compromised. 

Natural hair- Specializing in healthy haircare. Utilizing only professional products. Healthy, natural hair has body and a natural sheen. I believe in using non-heat damaging practices. I use tools with controllable heat settings to ensure that each clients curl pattern is maintained.

  • Silk press- Using a pressing comb the hair is pressed, then curled with a ceramic flat-iron. Afterwards, hair is wrapped with saran wrap which adds a layer of body and sheen to the hair. Clients rave about how much longer their hair last with this technique.

*Note The amount of heat used on a person and the use of certain tools are based upon the texture of the hair. 

Extensions- There are many different extension techniques. Some are more complex than others. A consultation is the best way to figure out which technique is best for you.  

  • Partial sew-in extensions- A partial sew in, your natural hair is braided and covered with a weaving net. A portion of your natural hair is left out to cover the weft. It could be a U-part leave out or an L-part leave out.

  • Versatile sew-in- A versatile sew in gives you the capability to wear your hair up or down. With this technique you can wear ponytails, buns, or up-dos. The hair around the perimeter of your head is left out and the rest is braided.

  • Full sew-in extensions- A full sew in can be done two ways. The first is with minimal leave out and the other is with no leave out. A full with no leave out is best for people with lifestyles that are busy which leaves minimal time to fuss with your hair, as well as those who have an active fitness life. I recommend a full with minimal leave out to those that maintain their hair well. Also for those who are looking for a protective style but are worried about it looking natural. If you've never worn sew in extensions it's usually best to leave a little of your natural hair out.

  • MicroBead/link extensions- MicroBead extensions are the most intricate technique. It involves a silicone infused bead. It's secured to the natural hair with a clamping tool. No glue, infusion, or braids are used. A weft or individual strands are used for this method. It last 8-12 weeks, depending on how well they are maintained. They have to be tightened every 3 weeks in the salon. This is the most natural looking extensions as well as the most versatile.

  • Custom-made Extensions- Custom extensions are hand-made, specifically made for you and the shape of your head. 

  • Clip-ins- Clip ins are great if you want to add fullness and a length. It adds volume to your hair and can be applied without any braiding. It's convenient and quick. Once clip-ins are installed, they last until you get your hair shampooed. At that point you would shampoo the clips and reapply. The clips last for up to a year with proper care. 

  • U-part wigs- u-part wigs are custom made for your head. It has a cut out in the top which allows you to wear your natural hair out for a more natural look. Wigs last for over a year. These wigs can be made to wear sewn to your head or clipped in. It's based upon preference.

  • Full wigs- a full wig is convenient if you do not want any of your natural hair left out. It can be custom made for your head. For those with a busy lifestyle you can throw it on and go. Custom wigs last over a year.

Color- Hair color is a chemical service that should always be done after a consultation. It's important to make sure your natural hair can withstand a color process and also to make sure that the hair color you're seeking is the one you will end up with. Coloring isn't always as simple as one may think. Chemistry is involved, that's why it's imperative to make sure you go to a professional to have your color done correctly. 

  • Balayage Highlights- this technique is classified as hand painting. It is a free-hand method which gives you more of a natural, non-cookie cutter placement.

  • Foil Highlights- this technique is more structured and consistent. You have more control with this method. If you want more of a subtle look, then this process is the one you probably want to go with. Foiling is great for blondes. You can get closer to the root to get a more natural look.

  • Base Change- this is overall color. If you want one solid color then this is the process for you. It is a single process. Your natural hair color will be changed to a new shade. Permanent or Demi-permanent color is used for a base change.

  • Double-Process- A double process is two color processes at the same time. Usually a base change and highlight in the same appointment or it could be a highlight and lowlight, etc...

  • Partial Highlight- A partial highlight is usually the top half of your head. Hair is parted ear-to-ear.

  • Corrective Color- Corrective color is not a position you want to find yourself in. Usually this process happens when you get a bad color job. You are a candidate if you've gotten permanent black or dark brown hair dye. Black )dark colors) stain the hair and is the hardest color to remove from the hair. It can be a 3-4 step process to remove it from the hair. It's extremely time consuming and costly.

  • Haircuts- specializing in all hair cutting techniques. Pivot point trained.

Up-dos-  Up-dos can be soft or structured. I'm very good at meeting your needs with styles. I have done many up-dos. Whichever up-do you choose likely I can re-create (with a twist) the look you are seeking. All styles are tailored for each individual client. No two styles are alike.

Bridal Services- Let me style you for your Big Day. Set up a consultation and we can discuss your vision and go over your desired looks. I highly encourage a trial appointment prior to the wedding day to ensure that you're happy with your chosen wedding day style.  

Traveling Services available- Mobile services are available for special occasions, high profile clients and immobile clients.